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Flexibility                                   Strength Training
Fitness kickboxing Program
San Antonio Martial Arts Institute is happy to coordinate all of your fitness services with a supreme fitness kickboxing program known as BETTER BEE FIT!
Improve Core Strength              Increase Stamina and Endurance
Circuit Kickboxing Training:
Develop more Confidence         No waiting for classes
Let us help you kick your way to your perfect day!
"I shredded 4 inches off my waste and lost 10 Lbs in 3 months with the Better Bee Fit kickboxing program.  The staff got me started and the rest was up to me to maintain a healthy diet."

                         - Samantha Cisneros
Only $60.00 monthly
A strong will, and Determination is all you need to reach your fitness goals!
Kickboxing Action on the bags
Great for Flexibility
Improve Hand/Eye Coordination