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Director, Universal Karate Studios
Master Richard L. Brown, Shihan, 8th Degree Black Belt
Universal Karate Do
Director, Universal Karate Studios
 UNIVERSAL KARATE STUDIOS is family-owned and operated right here in San Antonio, Tx. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams through the Martial Arts.
 The Chief Master Instructor of Universal Karate Studios is Master Richard L. Brown. He earned an 8th Degree Black Belt with 40 years experience in a system of martial arts called Universal Karate Do. Also, Master Brown shares a wealth of academia with a Bachelor of Science and Occupational Education, Associates of Applied Science in Management, Wayland Baptist University, Associate of Applied Science in Education and Training, Community College of the Air Force and Associates of Applied Science in Kinesiology degree, Palo Alto College. In addition, Master Brown retired as a Master Seargent in the USAF Reserves after serving 33 years active duty and reserve. He shares the philosophy of dedication, honor, obedience, and loyalty with his students  believes in the AF credo, “Excellence in all we do.”
  With his wealth of martial arts experience, Master was assigned the rank of SHIHAN and wears a red and white belt known as Renshi to signify professorship in Karate do. Our system of martial arts is a comprehensive training program founded in 1975 and is comprised of traditional Korean and Japanese martial arts. Master Brown also holds Black Belt ranks in Tang Soo Do and Kuk Sool Won.  
  Throughout the 1980s and 90s, he was a nationally top ranked competitor winning many championships in Forms, sparring, and weapons categories. As a mentor, he is stern, caring, and a great leader who ensures that all UKS staff are well trained. Our students enjoy karate training and are taught to set goals and achieve them. Giving up is never an option."Success is for those who work for it".  

Sensei Patricia Cantu
4th Dan Black Belt

Sensei Pat has studied karate for over 19 years while raising 3 children, attending college, and teaching full time at Universal Karate Studios.  She enjoys teaching the children's classes to help them develop life skills to improve discipline, confidence, and overall healthy lifestyles.  
Sensei Juan Martinez
2nd Dan Black Belt

Sensei Martinez has studied karate for over 17 years with Universal Karate studios and is a great example and role model for students.  He is presently an Arson Investigator for the City of San Antonio with over 12 years experience as a San Antonio Fire Fighter.  He served as a member of a Survival team deployed to NYC during the 9/11 disaster.  During that time, he also served as a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserves for 14 years. He enjoys training and teaching kids and adults martial arts.

Universal Karate Studios Staff
Sensei Alex Deharo
1st Dan  Black Belt

Sensei  Deharo is a motivated instructor who enjoys karate training and gets joy from helping people develop their martial arts skills while accomplishing personal goals.  He is a family man who knows what it takes to encourage kids to do their best to be successful 

Sempai Nicholas Carpenter
Yudansha Black Belt

Sempai Nick is a loyal hard working instructor with a disciplined ROTC military background from his school years as well as being an honors graduate.  He is pursuing a degree in Engineering and has studied martial arts for 10 years. Sempai commonly works with students to assist them with challenging karate basics and serves as an excellent role model.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge with children as well as adults in helping them gain discipline and improved skills.
Sempai Kevin O'Hara
Yudansha Black Belt

Sempai O'hara is an intelligent instructor with a positive attitude.  He challenges students to always make their best effort in whatever activity they participate in, while ensuring the karate discipline is not being compromised.  With seven years karate experience, Sempai enjoys competing in sparring and Jujitsu competitions and encourages students to meet challenges head on. He has won many awards at karate tournaments and shares his experience with students.
Sensei Chris Patrie
Nidan- 2nd Dan Black Belt

Sensei Chris Patrie is a karate practitioner with experience in martial arts as well as life skills.  He is a retired United States Air Force pilot and presently flies for Southwest Airlines.  he is a family man likes to spend time making films.  His strong work ethic allows him the drive to assist students to reach their health and fitness goals.

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